“Blueberry Vegan Zucchini Cookies: A Delightful Plant-Based Treat”

Instead of those unhealthy all-butter cookies, try our healthy vegan zucchini cookies.

You can bake a treat that is full of nutrients by substituting the traditional ingredients. We replaced eggs, butter and white flour with oats and dried blueberries.

Courgettes are used to make cakes and muffins because of their delicate and slightly sweet flavor. We blitzed them and combined with oat flakes to create a moist, butter-free dough.

Chia seeds are a great way to keep things together, thanks to their binding qualities. They also add Omega-3, protein and fibers.

These cookies are gluten free because they use oatmeal instead of wheat. Oats are also rich in soluble fibres that help keep blood sugar levels under control.

We made these sugar-free breakfast cookies by using the natural sweetness from dried fruits like blueberries. This recipe is perfect if you are on a diet or low-sugar plan. Imagine each cookie contains only 85 kcal and 5% of the RDI of carbs, and 4% for fats.