Evaluation of the Guerlain Ombre G Majestic Rose Palette

The six new Ombre G Palettes by Violette and Guerlain, which are inspired by butterfly wings, will satisfy those who love vibrant eye makeup. They also fulfill the requirement of being daring and shimmering. Majestic Rose is the palette that I have here. It allows for color depth and nuance depending on the mood of the day.

It’s not my favorite color, but I love pink eyelids. They are so vibrant and energizing that they can be shocking. If you have very light lashes, you may not need mascara or if you are already very pink-toned you will probably want to use a counterbalance. You wouldn’t want it in the middle of hay fever season either. One of my post-Covid surprises was extremely light, delicate eyes. (Thankful for today’s low light and rain). I feel that watery purple eyes are also a no. I will stop before I convince you all that pink is not a good idea :-)). I love adding lots of mascara and a smoky eyeliner to pink lids. It gives off a retro look that I really like. Guerlain is the unsung hero of mascara. They have a new product called Curl and Quantity, but any of their mascaras will give you dark, full lashes that are impressively fluttery.

This new model does not have a significant curl. Personally, I would stick with their current Guerlain Maximum Lash So Quantity with its thin coat-every lash brush.

I like the idea of a maroon smoky-eye with a gold dot on the corners of the eyes and a black cashmere neck. This palette allows you to choose between a soft pink with coral undertones or a ballet pink that will calmly shimmer. It’s priced at PS62 HERE, which is a bit steep, but I think it offers a lot of versatility. The new mascara costs PS31 HERE.