The Body Shop Avocado Body Care

Last year, I feel, The Body Shop took avocados from their natural home – toast – to turn them into body products using sustainably sourced South African avocado oil. Here we are, with a new look and some new additions. As a result of I love so many The Body Shop merchandise, but that is not for me.

The Physique Yoghurt is something I could almost handle, but the scrub – well it’s too similar to food. The scent isn’t avocado-y by any means – it’s apple, almond and a blast avo wrapped up in coconut and vanilla. I don’t even worry that I’ll smell like guacamole. The products are as hydrating and luscious as I’d hoped they would be. The scrub isn’t harsh because it’s buffered with Neighborhood Honest Commerce shea butter, and the Physique Yoghurt has a delicate, modern scent.

I’m curious about what you consider to be a no-no. I would never use snail slime, or even placenta. But avocado doesn’t come close to these disgusting ingredients. TBS could have already completed their review before introducing the product to the market. It’s a global market, and tastes vary internationally. Avocados are an excellent source of nourishing oil for both inside and outside. However, I think I will stick to my old toast topping rather than a body topper. What do you think? You can find the brand new Avocado products HERE, starting at PS7 per bath cream.