Origins Advent Calendar 2022 – Contents and Release Information

Origins Creation Calendar 2020 is a great choice for those who enjoy a little bit of skincare. You can find all the details you require right here. This includes a list with contents, the cost savings, and the date you will receive it. It’s now a 24-hour affair for the first time!

Origins Creation Calendar Contents 2022

This calendar includes 24 beauty and body favorites:

Clear Enchancment energetic charcoal masks – 15ml tube

Clear Enchantment Honey Masks 15ml Tube

Drink Up Intensive Masks 15ml Tube

Genuine Pores & Skin Mask 15ml tube

Face cream Extremely Effective Night-A Minutes 15ml tube

Ginger Souffle(tm) Whipped Physique Cream 30 ml tube

Mega-Mushroom soothing Face Cream 15ml Tube

Checks & balances face wash, 30 ml tube

Checks & Balances scrub 30ml tube

Mega-Mushroom Emulsion, 30ml Bottle

Hand cream with GINGER – 30ml tube

Plantscription anti-aging Eye Cream – 5ml Pump

Plantscription serum 15ml tube

Ginger Unbelievable Spreadable physique scrub 30ml tube

GINGER Physique Wash 30ml Tube

Mega-Mushroom soothing lotion – 50ml jar

Mega-Mushroom micellar Water 30ml Bottle

Ginzing Into-The-Glow Brightening Serum 15 ml tube NEW

Ginzing Eye Cream 5ml jar

Small Ginger Candle

Face Brush for Cleaning

Masks Brush

Face Sponge

Wood Eye Therapeutic massage machine

This is a very accurate description. I’m so happy to see that it has been expanded to include a 24-day calendar. This shows that it offers a safe skincare routine, and is still a great value.

Origins Creation Calendar for 2022