“British Beauty Blogger Presents: Gucci Flora Captivating Jasmine”

Jasmine has a very specific smell – either you love it or you hate it. (I’m currently obsessed with Marmite, which is probably my body telling me that I need B vitamins). I love the night time bloom notes, but I couldn’t smell anything when I was sick. Even food was hard to handle. This is the first scent I have used in over 3 weeks, almost 4.

It’s beautiful. I immediately began to imagine how lavish a floral cushion set would look scattered around my otherwise muted tone home. Pattern producers who enhance are able to make everything look stunning.

It could also smell very creamy. It’s a jasmine that’s been infused with magnolia, so it doesn’t have the same dizzying effect as some jasmine-based perfumes. There’s no denying that it’s a rich scent, but mandarin essence gives it a citrusy breath that cuts through. The final looks good, even though I lost the scent half way through the day. I can’t honestly lay this on the juice as it could have been me. This is for those who like white florals which leave a subtle, yet lush impression on their skin. It’s not for people who prefer something loud and assertive. I thought it might be aimed at a younger market. (Miley is the face of it – consider my surprise that she looks 29!) To be honest, I didn’t think it was aimed at any particular group. It is a universal scent. The Perfume Retailer offers the 30ml HERE for PS60.