“Indulge in Rich and Nutritious Bone Broth Hot Chocolate”

Bone broth is a great source of health benefits, and making your own is surprisingly simple and inexpensive. For more information on making bone broth, check out this previous blog post or this one about how to make a permanent bone broth using this simple technique. Bone broth is very healthy, but finding a way to incorporate it in our family’s diet has been a challenge. You can use it in many ways – you can add it to soups, rice, or beans. Or, simply drink it with a little sea salt. Now, I want to share my favorite way to incorporate nutrient-dense bone broth into my diet (and the easiest method to get my kids to eat them) – hot chocolate!

Who doesn’t like sizzling chocolat? If you go to your local grocery store, you will find a lot of hot chocolate packets and mixes that are stuffed with sugar and meals dyes. Wouldn’t it be better to serve your family a tasty deal with which is stuffed with nutrition, as an alternative of consuming something that may have detrimental effects on your health? This recipe for bone broth hot chocolate is a winner on both taste and nutrition.

The chocolate is clearly the most important ingredient in hot chocolate. Earthley’s Cocoa Calm is used to give this sizzling chocolat a greater nutritional boost. Cocoa Calm is my favorite for several reasons.

Cocoa Calm contains cocoa powder that has not been alkalized.
This process can result in cocoa powder that contains up to 3x as many antioxidants. This research shows how alkalization negatively impacts cocoa.

Cocoa Calm contains 3 adaptogenic herbs – ashwagandha rhodiola and eleuthero.
The kids will love it!
Start with a plain hen bone stock. Do not add 40 garlic cloves to your broth until you enjoy chocolate-flavored garlic. If you are making the broth, skip the aromatics. If you prefer, you can also use bone broth in powder form.

To make a richer hot chocolate, combine heavy cream (1/2 cup) with milk (1/2 cup). You can use your favorite sweetener as usual, but maple syrup is a great option for this recipe. If you do not have Cocoa Calm, you can substitute it with your favorite cocoa powder.