Introducing the New Title for Givenchy Le Rouge

Le Rouge has a new name, but also a new method – it is now Le Rouge Interdit, following in the footsteps of L’Interdit, the most popular fragrance for the mannequin. Givenchy’s model has been busy.

The samples that I have listed below are not new colors, but they are part of the Intense silk collection which is, I believe, the new technology. They are silky and have a big impact on pigment. I posted a video on Instagram a few days ago showcasing three different shades of red that could be worn in a “one and done” way. Givenchy Le Rouge Interdit, Rouge Audacieux 326 (hearts throughout the photo) won hands down. I am still very fond of it.

It’s the film that is created by the product with just one swipe. It is luminous, delicate and fueled with hyaluronic acids so it feels like a veil on your lips. The top is semi matte, but it’s an forgiving matte which to me edges more towards a sheen rather than a matte. Delicious.

Nude Boise and 227, Rouge infuse are the other two shades that I have. All very wearable but most likely not me.