“Reviewing Tatcha’s The Deep Cleanse”

This new cleanser by Tatcha is a great way to target oily skin. It’s great for my non-oily skin. I would buy it again to get a more brightening clean.

This stone was given to me at a Tatcha event. It’s easy to use and looks great with its imperfections. It is lumpy and bumpy, but still totally beautiful. Tatcha’s The Deep Cleanse contains luffa as a gentle exfoliant, and silk-derived amino acids to provide a very gentle and softening clean. The Deep Cleanse, as well as The Rice Wash, have a certain ‘tackiness’ that makes you feel like they are really pulling dirt and oil from your skin.

The cleansing experience is completely totally different from oils or balms. The Deep Cleanse foams when you add water, but I used it to cleanse my nose without foaming and then added more water for the rest. The luffa powder is visible and appears to exfoliate a lot of skin, but you didn’t. You will end up with the softest skin after cleansing. It’s quite unique. You may feel a little residue after using The Rice Wash. I would not recommend rinsing and re-rinsing. Just add your moisturizer as usual and this sensation will disappear. I have been using the Rice Wash on and off for several months and it feels more like a cleanser that you can ‘cope’ with than something essential.

I ignore the “oily” label on my skin – I find the top really feel so unbelievable that I won’t deprive myself and don’t think it’s harsh or stripping at all – it’s the right choice. I just noticed that a “Lucky Bag” is available for PS100, which means you can get up to PS200 of additional product (not specified). This model is a bit more expensive, so it would be best to share the bag with a friend. The Deep Cleanse costs PS41 (and comes in a different packaging) and the Rice Wash is PS41. This model is a favorite of mine – especially the Rice Powder (PS60 HERE) and Kissu Lip Balm (PS25 HERE), which are both a delight to use.