“Wishing You an Enjoyable Weekend Ahead!”

What do you have planned for this weekend? We are driving to Mohonk Mountain Home, a place we have never been but I’ve heard great things about. The boys can’t wait for indoor archery and s’mores, and I am thrilled that this weekend’s theme is magic.

The German house with the beautiful beams.
“Once you enter the woods, and you look at the timber you will see all kinds of different types. Some of them have a bent shape, while others are straight. And some are evergreens. You just allow it. You can recognize the tree. You lose it all the minute you are near people. This is where the judging thoughts comes in. “I see people being turned into wood.”

Both the boys and myself have become very interested in this sport.

Have you seen the reality courting show Again in the Groove before? These ladies are cool.

The road to hell.

Two reader comments:

Kara says on where do you name your house: “My wife and I think that a house is like a book with chapters. San Diego was my childhood chapter: bougainvilleas, rollerblading near the beach, Baja fish Tacos. My teenage chapter was Colorado, where I snowboarded, used Burt’s Bees cream, and made out in cars with frosty windows. My college chapter was New York Metropolis, with poetry readings and dive bars. Portland was my chapter for early maturity, marriage, and having children: mossy wet forests, coffee rituals, river swimming. We’re moving to Bend, Oregon for the rest of our children’s stay with us. The littlest ones will probably only remember Bend for the following: snowboarding and ponderosa-pine scent. They may also recall playing porch guitar. Each house has its own chapter.”

Noelle, referring to my dinner outfit, says: “One year ago, my husband, and I were sitting at the bar in our favorite red-sauce restaurant when the couple next to us started arguing. The woman threw the drink in his face! It was the most romantic date ever. “We still talk about it today and half-jokingly have mentioned hiring ourselves to restaurants as the drink-inthe-face couple to spice up other people’s date night.”