“Experience the Benefits of Athletia Scalp Care Shampoo & Conditioner”

a Japanese eco-friendly model that places sustainability at its heart (and it’s true – this is not only a nod towards recycling). Athletia Scalp Care shampoo & conditioner is the new product that I’m most interested in, over and above Japanese skincare.

The shampoo was able to completely remove the London water in one go. The combination of lemon, ginger, and eucalyptus was a treat for my senses. My hair felt so soft and fresh that I couldn’t help but touch it. It’s silicone and sulphate-free, thanks to the Athletia fermentation superior, which is a key component. I am always divided about my thoughts on’scalp-care’. We did well before and I only know one person who has a chronically tight and sore scalp. I think it is important to believe in the correct foundations rather than the quick fix if you don’t have an immediate problem with your scalp. After all, I have tried many scalp products to keep intermittent dryness at bay and they’ve worked very well. I purchased more of The Body Shop Ginger Scalp Care shampoo after completing the sponsored content and I would purchase it again.

If you don’t care about scalp care, the cleansing amino-acids and the pleasant aroma that lingers in the hair for several hours after washing are enough to convince you. If you take the time to massage Scalp & Hair Treatment in your scalp and hair, you will discover that it is a little zingy. It feels as therapeutic as a conditioner. The credentials of the inexperienced are impressive – chemical free, sustainable ingredient farming, pure floral essences, and recyclable packaging.