“Shrimp Fried Rice Time: Try This Easy 3-Step Recipe”

It’s no doubt that Asian cuisine is one of the most delicious on earth. The mix of Asian ingredients is always good with its vibrant colors, textures, and intense flavors.

You can use it for everything: summer and winter, cocktails and wines, lunch and dinner. It is actually nutritious and versatile.

Like in many other parts of the globe, tradition, religion, and agriculture have influenced the Asian diet.

Nearly half of all people on the planet are Asians, and those with access to a number of traditional meals are some of the healthiest individuals and the longest-lived.

Let’s talk about elements.
Since many years, Asians have been eating a diet based mostly on plant foods like fruits, vegetables, and rice. Not like Western diets but rather an accent, meat is not the main course. Fish is often eaten as a main dish.

Seafood, legumes and seeds are all well-known components of the Asian diet. Each of these foods has its own benefits, but they can be combined with others.

Iron and calcium are present in many Asian dishes.

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The recipe that I am presenting to you today will only take 25 minutes and requires 3 easy steps.

Take a large saucepan and heat 1/4 tbsp vegetable oil on medium heat. Add the egg frivolously broken and scramble quickly until it is softly cooked. This would take approximately 1 minute. Remove it from the pan and separate it.
Last, heat the remaining oil in the saucepan on medium-high heat. Add the bell peper and snow peas. All of it should be fried for around 4 minutes. Add the rice, shrimp, peas and soy sauce to the mixture and continue frying for another two minutes. Fold the mixture gently into the reserved egg.

Quick and practical suggestions
You can add green onion to the dish. Although it’s not mandatory, its unique taste gives a new touch!

You can always substitute the shrimp for some greens, if you are a vegetarian. You can change the ingredients to make it your own.
This recipe is best served with a long grain rice because they are often fluffier, and do not often stick together. You can choose from a variety of choices.

Have you ever noticed how easy this recipe is to make? It’s only 3 simple steps to get a gourmet meal. This meal is a great choice because it’s healthy, easy to prepare, and the ingredients are delicious.