“Unique Clothing Items and Accessories in My Shopping Cart”

There are just a few things I want to have in my closet right now. I am still on the hunt for some specific items in unique designs and shapes.

One of my favorite TikTok followers is @pigmami. She has been encouraging her followers to assess their wardrobes for the new year–not only in terms of what they lack, but also how to organize your space so that you can model what you already have optimally. This was a great idea, so I spent some time looking at my wardrobe and organizing my phone with ideas. Then, I created a list of unique clothing gadgets and accessories I would love to add to this combination. I am sharing it below!

  1. Trousers for Men: A Great Pair
    Alex Mill Boy Pants in Rugged Corduroy
    This is the category of clothes that I have to build out most. Since having my second child, pants have been notoriously difficult to find. I avoid the tedious work of trying on different sizes to find the right fit. I’d like to see more relaxed trousers! Alex Mill’s pair has caught my eye. The richness of the inky corduroys is amazing.
  2. Western Boots
    Azalea Sally Western Boot
    This type of trainers is all about fun and I would model my outfits, skirts and leggings differently. This one pair of shoes could be the basis for a whole bunch of new outfits. They are a priority, even though they’re out of my comfort zone.
  3. A Lovely Silk Scarf
    TheRealReal offers a wide range of designer scarves.
  4. A Midi Skirt
    Mango Midi Denim Skirt
    I have a lot of tops, but I tend to wear them with similar pants. A new skirt would be great to mix things up. I would wear sweaters over it untucked with the previously mentioned boots.
  5. A Puffer Jacket
    H&M Hooded Puffer Jacket

In the winter, you will find me wearing a long coat. It’s easy to add a new look to my outfits by wearing a cropped jacket. I love the idea of a vibrantly colored green jacket! I have this Uniqlo jacket in brown, which I love.