“Reviewing the Drybar Double Shot Blow Dryer Brush”

You may remember my review (HERE), from a few short years ago, of the Revlon One Step Dryer. It’s still in frequent use or it was. I now prefer the Dry Bar Double Shot Blow Dryer Brush. It feels lighter, more efficient and gives you that hairdresser finish which is hard to achieve at home. The principle movement is to pull – the bristles will grip your hair as a stylist’s brush would, and with enough energy to remove all the kinks. I won’t be as fast as my hairdresser, but it’s still a good idea. The grip combined with heat will only require you to use your hair 2 or 3 times before the job is done. I would recommend sectioning your hair into two or three sections – this is half the answer because if you do not half, you won’t achieve that layered effect. You’re just drying your hair in layers rather than a lump. It took me an extremely long time to get to half.

hopefully you can see how I have sectioned them and the simple next look. I checked the specs for Revlon, which is on sale at TKMaxx HERE for only PS39.99. It appears that they have completely different wattages. This makes Drybar more efficient and quicker drying. It is slimmer and lighter (except for the comb, which looks to be of the same size to me), and it’s more pleasing to the eye. The Drybar model is best for those who want easy hair in a short time and have medium-thick hair. It’s PS129 HERE. I remember feeling conflicted when I first got my Dyson hairdryer. It was a test and suggested that spending PS329 on one thing that does the same job faster was better than other things that did the same job. I have had it for over a year now, it is still going strong and I would buy it again without hesitation (even though it was PS299 back then but with a lot fewer attachments).