“Tasty and Nutritious: Try This Spinach Lentil Tofu Nuggets Recipe”

These little bites are incredibly crunchy, incredibly wholesome, easy to make, and delicious. There are just a few simple, plant-based ingredients: lentils spinach tofu and panko.

It was important to us that you could enjoy a vegan snack as much as a traditional crisp snack. We thought that the texture would be crucial. We tuned the ingredients until we got that same firmness to the bite you get with traditional nuggets.

We then thought: What’s the point of eating vegan food if it isn’t very healthy? These veggie nuggets were oven-baked instead of fried, and all unnecessary fat was removed to make them lean.

If you want to serve good nuggets as a vegan option or any other, then a dipping dish is advisable. It’s a great sauce. If you already have one in mind, then go ahead and use it! Here are some of the sauces we think you will enjoy if not:

These lentil nuggets are not only cute, but they also provide a good portion of the nutrients you need for a balanced diet. This is because they contain carbs, protein, fibres, and nutritional vitamins, all from plant-based resources. Check out the tab “Vitamins” above for more information, or click on below to get started!

Each patty contains 110 calories. As a serving recommendation, recommends three nuggets for each.

What can I do to make these nuggets Gluten-free?
Although we used breadcrumbs and flour in this recipe for lentil nuggets, you can make it gluten free if you prefer.

To do this, replace the wholemeal or wheat flour in the fillings with an alternative that is gluten-free, such as oat or almond flour, coconut or cornmeal, or a combination of these.

Instead of using flour, you can make a batter with flaxseeds. Mix 20g (0.7oz.) of flaxseeds with 50ml (1.76oz.) of water, and let them soak in the fridge for 10 minutes. The seeds will form a thick gel-like mixture, called “flax egg”.

Finally, you can replace traditional breadcrumbs with gluten-free alternatives or create a delicious low-carb “breadcrumb mix” with nuts and seeds. Use a food processor to grind almonds and pumpkin seed into a fine powder and then use it to coat the nuggets.

Check out our recipe for gluten-free arancini.

You can also cook the nuggets in the air fryer. You can get them crispy in half the amount of time and without oil.

Store any cooked or raw lentil patties for up to three months in a container that is freezer friendly.

As soon as you are able to eat them, place the frozen nuggets on a baking sheet and bake them until they’re crispy and scorching.

You can brush the potatoes with vegetable oil before putting them in the oven to bring back the crunch.