“Value Deal Review: SmoothSkin Pure Match IPL Hair Removal Device”

This is a very unglamorous product that I have been testing. It works and I would highly recommend it. I have been following the SmoothSkin Pure Match IPL once-a week regime for 10 weeks and I can really see results.

Lucy uses it as well and, if not already right here, she pops by once a week to get a better feel for the machine. She has been using SmoothSkin’s Pure Match IPL about three weeks, so she is yet to see any results. However, my goodness, my underarms are now hair-free. I know IPL devices are effective because I tried a Philips Lumea device on my legs a few years ago. Leg hair is not an issue for me anymore. I still tweeze the occasional strays and, if I could be bothered to do so, I would re-laser those hairs. But, aside from maybe 5 or 6 hairs which appear occasionally, leg hair should not be an issue for me. I tried a similar product on my underarms ten years ago and it worked within a short time period. I never topped it up, so it all came back. It’s easy to keep things in order now, but it was a lot more difficult and cumbersome a decade ago. Nonetheless, doing yoga twice a week made me think I would like to give it a try once more because I believe I am seeing my armpits more! IPL was the best answer for me as no one in my class cared about body hair. I usually wax myself, but I am lazy so IPL seemed like a good idea. In the last decade, models have evolved a lot.

SmoothSkin IPL Pure Match has been a great success. The machine has a simple central button you press to activate the flash. It doesn’t work unless you have full contact, so you always get a full-flash. I haven’t had to do this for at least four weeks. There’s only a small fold that has some active hair follicles, which could indicate that I have missed this half. I will refocus on that area for several weeks. Apart from that there is nothing. I am fascinated by doing my bikini-line (see, all that yoga isn’t wasted!) Just to see how well the machine works and the chin! I’m after you! (Yes, it is safe for your face and for any gender, for that matter). SmoothSkin IPL Pure Match is a huge recommendation from me – although it’s expensive, you’ll have to follow the regimen and it’s also not glamorous (currently 30% off at Current Physique, bringing the price down from PS279 and PS195), as long as it’s done every few weeks you’ll be able to say goodbye to shaving, waxing, and in-grown treatments. This could be Black Friday price – I’m not sure if the offer will be repeated in spring or summer when people are more interested in hair removal. According to an eagle eyed reader, my code for Current Physique still works. You’ll receive a further PS10 discount if you use BBSS10 during checkout.

SmoothSkin Pure Match IPL or another IPL wants some colour in the hair. IPL works by sending light to the pigment of the hair, which causes a burst heat that stops the cells that allow hair to grow. Grey or white hair is not allowed, nor are very pale blondes or reds (although if you have brown-red hair you will be fine). IPL is not recommended for very dark skin tones because the melanin in your skin can absorb a lot of light. If you’ve not shaved properly, you may feel an ouch. The heat is almost unbearable but still bearable. However one long hair will make you really see it.