“Unveiling the Painted Transformation of Our Basement Family Room”

I knew that we would paint the basement. I thought it was the best way to brighten up the whole house. Our entire home is underutilized and has a lot of wasted space. The basement family room is still a long way from where I want it, but let’s take advantage of the second transformation, which was a huge one.

How to choose these paint colours
I’ve already chosen my favorite white paint color. We used it all over the primary flooring in our previous house. White Dove Benjamin Moore is the best choice for the trim, beams, and wainscoting in the basement family room. To add dimension to the woodwork, we chose a semi-gloss finish.

The second color was more difficult to choose. After I checked out the samples, it became clear that I only needed a whisper cream shade. Benjamin Moore’s Sail Material was chosen. This is my favorite color and I think it will warm up the house while still bringing in a light, vibrant feeling.

The hearth plaster was applied in a three-layer method, starting with white, followed by a mix that was closer to sail material, and finally with White Dove to give it a new feel.

I am so happy that we did not paint everything the same shade of white. The room feels more finished when the trim, beams, and wainscoting are highlighted. It also brings out the subtle nuances in the colors we chose for the plaster.

What is Next for the Basement Household Room?
The next project will be to paint the rest of the basement. Our painter was unable to complete the wine room or the steps. This was a huge disappointment. We will be painting EVERYTHING. However, the wine room can have a light limewash on the bricks to keep the same feel as the rest of the house.

In addition, I will be updating some of the furniture and rugs in the family room. I have already ordered some rugs and I know what sofa I want to purchase for this room. Before I buy anything, however, I need to make a floor plan and then sit down with it for some time. This will help me make sure I am making the right choices.

With just this side of the basement painted, we’re using this house more than I expected. With the new paint and plaster, the house feels brighter and more inviting. I am looking forward to completing this project!